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Monday, 29 August 2016

Books To Africa


This morning I became a patron of Books To Africa. As some of you know, I spent most of my teenage years in apartheid era South Africa and I am aware of the poverty that haunts this beautiful land, from hunger to disease to the absence of equipment and decent reading materials. In the writing of my novel, I drew on the richness of African culture and mythology, as well as my experiences living there. Now I would like to give something back.

Together, I believe we can make a difference. To this end, I have decided to donate 10 new copies of my novel ‘Chasing Embers’ to the Books To Africa charity. The charity collects and distributes books and educational materials to equip libraries within classrooms, institutions and communities across Africa. I urge you all to consider making a small monthly donation or sending copies of your books to help.  It’s easy enough. You simply package your items into cardboard boxes and deliver them to Books To Africa or the charity can collect them from your address.

Thanks for listening.

James Bennett

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