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Thursday, 31 August 2017


It isn't every day that you get to appear in a venue where Lady Gaga has performed, so I thought I'd turn my hand to a little write up about last night's event. How great is the Phoenix Artist's Club? Well, the answer is very. A stylish art deco interior, plush seating and warm pink lighting (not to mention some lovely cocktails) made this a perfect place to talk about all things Fantasy with some of the leading authors of the day. Joining me on stage were the abundant talents of Jen Williams (The Copper Cat Trilogy, The Ninth Rain), Lucy Housom (Starborn) and Mark de Jager (Infernal). We had ourselves a magic pot with a lucky dip full of quirky and illuminating questions.

The evening saw us choose our favourite weapons for a fantasy setting, talk about our favourite dragons and books (Fantasy and otherwise), and who we'd like to star in imaginary film adaptations of our novels, among other things. I had a chance to publicly drool over Tom Hardy. It was an interesting, warm and amusing night where I got to learn a bit more about my fellow authors while unleashing RAISING FIRE, the next volume in The Ben Garston Novels, upon the world.

You should know that I'm reasonably proud of this book, particularly because it took 3 attempts to write, a wealth of research and all during my first professional deadline and the sad passing of my father last year. I dedicated the novel to him and I guess this one will always feel pretty close to me. Landing an international book deal with Orbit was nothing less than seismic in terms of my life and my, well, somewhat meandering direction in it, but the upheaval has been affirming and inspiring, for the most part. I'm truly thankful. The days I went through writing this novel probably show on the page, in fiery and dramatic form. I hope readers enjoy the ride and please do seek out the works of the other authors on the panel. If you're looking for exciting and forward thinking Fantasy, you won't be disappointed!

As an aside, I'd love to see more of these events, both as a participant and as a member of the audience. Getting authors together is always fascinating and a lot of juicy stuff seems to bubble to the surface as a result. There's probably a science to it. Or a magic. And it was certainly a magical night. In the meantime, I'll see you all at FantasyCon 2017 for some more verbal jousting and general hilarity.

Thanks to my fellow raconteurs and to our skilled compère John Harrison, with heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Forbidden Planet Megastore. Special shout out to the fearless Danie Ware for arranging the UK launch of RAISING FIRE (out worldwide in all good bookshops, eBook and Audible!) and to Nazia, my cat herding publicist for making everything run like clockwork. Big hug to Anna Jackson, my amazing editor, for taking time out from her anniversary evening to show some love and keep a steady supply of G&T to hand. Also to my family, whose unfailing love and enthusiasm keeps me smiling. Thanks for coming.

And major props to everyone who came along for a drink, a chat and to buy a book. Your support means a great deal to me.

Thank you!



Out worldwide in all good bookshops, eBooks and Audible format.

For those who love this series and this genre, Raising Fire offers the fantasy you're looking for

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